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About me and my family

I was bor on 6th October 1952 in Casta, village under the Cerveny Kamen Castle in Slovakia.  From the early childhood everyone could see that my life will be propably quite turbulent and colorful which is beeing proven until these days. I almost died on whooping cough as a baby and later on I spent a year in sanatorium to get special treatment, but fortunately everything turned and I can write these lines today. Despide of these issues I assume my childhood as something beautiful that could happend to me. I had nice and careful parents and 5 siblings. Maybe just because I grow up in modest conditions and big family, I learned to see the world in a very distinctive way. I´ve always had a lot people around me like siblings, parents or friends with whose I shared everything I had, although I had always a little. This is what our parents taught us and it remains nowadays.

During my life I did a lot good things, but I also did bad things which gradually started to prevail over the good ones. Although I had a very good nurture by my parents, teachers and others around me, after a while alcohol took control over my life. I used to drink from my teen years and in 1993 I decided to get a treatment in Psychiatric Hospital in Pezinok (town in Slovakia), at anti-alcoholic department. I already had a family, wife and two children by that time. My daughter Renatka was 17 and my son Vladko was 10 years old. This was a big exclamation mark in my life and it forced me to decide which way to go in my life. Fortunately I managed to change my life in a good way and step by step I started to repair what I´ve done. I have always considered my family, wife and children as the biggest gift in my life. After all they took me back into their lives and I assume this as the biggest win that could ever happen to me. This gave me strenght to repair all the troubles I made during my alcoholic times. It took me two years to visit all the people that I´ve hurt and I am still not quite sure if I didn´t forget on anybody.

How it all started

After my purification and absolute change of my life and my values, I started this volunteer work with my family which continues until these days. We take care about children that are addicted to any kind of drugs (or have any kind of addiction) and their life took a wrong way. We call them our children, no matter how old they are, because this is the principle how we believe it works so far and it is a good way to do it. In 1994 we adopted a 14 y.o. teenage girl which was addicted on drugs since the age of 11. Two years later (10.1.1996), the number of children, that stayed at our place for some time, started to grow and there has been more than 200 of them until now. They stayed exactly at our house, with my family, as an equal part of a family, for few months and those who nobody wanted back, stayed even for years. There were the times, we had 11 addicted children at home at the same time. My volunteering required 24 hours a day work, sometimes without any sleeping. Therefore I could not work and earn money anymore.

First idea of all this, after I came from a Psychiatric hospital in Pezinok, I just wanted to try if my ideas about different ways of treatment will work just for few months and I wanted to get back to my old life. But after 6 months, my children, 11 by that time, didn´t wanted to leave me and asked me to stay longer. They were ready to go to live their lives, but they felt like they wanted to decide by themselves when they feel ready to go.

This meant to me that I had no income, no job and I we had to live from saved money and contributions we received. I have never asked a goverment for any donations because there ware the rules that I had to abbey which I did not agree with.

In 2005, I was given a reward for our volunteering work „Humanitný čin roka“ (Humanitarian work of year 2005). I have been also given award as a journalist as I used to wrote stories about my children and their problems.

 Alcohol does not manage my life anymore and I hope that my marriage and all my life are going in a right direction. My daughter Renatka achieved master degree of psychology and my son Vlado is a manager and a pilot. They both are admirably honest and fair despite they grew up in a family of an alcoholic and violator.

My project

After 22 years of our work, me and my wife are on retirement but still willing to help those who ask for help. For all those years I started to cooperate with many specialists like doctors, layers, journalists, psychologists, psychiatric personnel and more. Due to all gained experiences, I would like to make them useful for students at the universities and be inicluded in the teaching process. I would like to build a community center with teorethical and practicle lessons at my house. To all those, I also need to finish renovation of some rooms, which I´ve already started to do from my own resources.

In the first phase, I need to finish reconstructions of:

-         bathroom, which should be used for special needs of drug addicted children as they need to get through the many physical changes in the first days of addiction cessation;

-         heating; the heating in the house was arranged through a solid fuel boiler because it´s cheaper in this area; we need to make a source for pumps and authomatics;

-         entrance to the community centre and stairs;

-         and buy electronics, furniture and other equipment to the lecture room for students.

In the second phase, I need to cover my expences which are related to writting books (edits and corrections) and publishing. These books will be dealing with problematics of addictions and other context which should serve to general public, parents and also as primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. A primary prevention is meant how not to ever start with any addiction; secondary prevention – how not to get the problem any worse by parents or close friends if there is already a person addicted; tertiary pervention – how to avoid relapse.

Thank you for any kind of help.

Coordinator of this project is Natalia Koslabova as family does not speak english language. If you have any questions, please use e-mail address natalia(dot)koslabova(at)gmail(dot)com and all your questions will be answered.

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